Goethe Institut - Frau Architect Exhibition Dec 2021-March 2022

The history of architecture of the last 100 years is also a history of women architects. The exhibition presents 22 women architects from Germany and eleven from Cyprus who have significantly influenced pur architecture or are still shaping it today. From Bauhaus pioneers to currently successful female architects: through portraits, selected works and personal stories, the role of women in architecture is getting some long deserved visibility. 

The exhibition was first presented at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt ( DAM ) and was expanded by the Goethe-Institut Cyprus in collaboration with Teresa Tourvas and Müge Rıza to include portraits of Cypriot women architects. The exhibition presented in Nicosia. Simzer Kaya is one of the women architects selected from Cyprus.



City Spa Project - Golden Tulip Hotel groups Nicosia -June 2014

City Spa has been renewed. The SPA center of the Golden Tulip Lefkoşa Hotel, which was completely redesigned, was opened with an elegant invitation to all its guests and members. At Golden Tulip City Spa, designed by architect Simzer Kaya with inspiration from the exotic world of the Far East, guests will benefit from services such as a steam bath, jacuzzi, shock showers, relaxation area, sand room, as well as Turkish bath, sanuna and renewed massage rooms. They will be able to continue to use it in the winter months. Incorporating the sand room which is a very new application in Europe, for the first time on the island, the SPA center provides a beach atmosphere to its users and provides a healthy tan to your skin with its UV rays without any side effects thanks to the special sand and light system.

19th of June 2014




Creative Team and Branding of Miraclecash & More - Jeanette Mill

A pleasant interview was held with Simzer Kaya, who has been leading the creative team of miraclecash & more businesses for two years, describing this process. In the interview, Jeanette Mill ( Project Development Manager of Miraclecash & More) asked what she thought while designing the crypto world, which marks the future of the world. Mentioning that architecture has turned into a concrete phenomenon through abstract concepts and that algorithms have entered into the dilemma of reflecting its presence in physical space, SK determined the lines that feel the rapid fluidity of the digital world that come with technology and that have continuity as the main design principle. Purple, which is the main basic color of the design, represents power, wealth and at the same time nobility. The store application designed in Amsterdam was completed and opened to the market. The design of the other branch, whose project was completed in Berlin, Germany, and whose renovation process is still in progress, was designed by adding retro style according to its regional characteristics. Heading the creative team of many concept branches in Europe, Turkey and Northern Cyprus, SKarchitects continues to brand.